Designer Register Form

By signing this form, you agree to participate in Allure Fashion Tour according to your expertise.

I agree to show case my talent in Allure Fashion Tour 2017.

I understand and agree to the term as follows. A fee will be required in order to participate in this event. (Refer to above for details).

Allure Fashion Tour will be taking appropriate actions to make any participation possible by investing time, energy and money into production cost of my show. I understand that should I break contract all expenses put forth by Allure Fashion Tour 2017 become my responsibility. Money paid as registration is non refundable.

Memorandum of Understanding AFT2017


This Memorandum of Understanding records the outcome of association between Allure Media Serve PVT LTD and (TYPE DESIGNER NAME) as the Designer for the fashion event, Allure Fashion Tour 2017. Allure Fashion Tour (AFT) is the flagship product of Allure Media Serve PVT LTD.

Both parties identify with mutual and complementary aims to perform the following activities, specifically: This document gives you a comprehensive overview of the provisions that Allure Fashion Tour 2017 will deliver to the designer.


Allure Fashion Tour 2017

AFT focuses on bringing together different cultures and ethnic values to boost continuous innovation and talent recognition in the world of fashion. The various cultures, traditions and colours of India provide a never-before-seen cultural extravaganza on a single platform. AFT provides an equal opportunity platform to young and upcoming designers and help them grow their labels locally and nationally.


The city Proposed for AFT 2017 is:
1. Ludhiana
2. Chandigarh


Fittings: Fittings of garments will be one day prior to the event. Designers will be updated on their time slot.

Fashion Show: Designer will be allowed to showcase 7of his/her designs on ramp.

Models: Each designer will get 7 Models.

Choreographer: Each Designer will get a Choreographer, who will take care of Fittings, Hair & Makeup and Choreography.

Celebrity: Any designers who wish to bring celebrities as showstopper or guests in the show must do so in his/her own cost. AFT team will not bear any cost (fee, travel, stay, etc.) related to the Celebrity. However, the team can help the designer with VIP lounge area, make up and media interaction activity at the venue area on the event day. Also, it is important for the designer to share the celebrity name and details with the AFT team well in advance.

Announcements: The announcement of the showstopper celebrity at the show will depend on the status of the celebrity and also on Choreographer. The designer must request and discuss it with the choreographer at the time of rehearsals / fittings.

Cancellation: AFT team reserves the right of cancellation of the designer if he/she doesn’t meet the criteria of selection or fulfils the requirements on time. Also if any designer cancels his / her participation on a short notice, the participation fee will be forfeited and the designer may be not be able to participate in any of the future seasons of AFT. However, if there are any genuine and unavoidable reasons, the same must be shared with the AFT team at the earliest. The final decision depends solely on AFT team.

Music: Designers will not be allowed to play any Bollywood song and copyright Music in the Show. Designers have to choose the music for which AFT have bought the license. If any designer wants to play a particular music, he/she need to have license to play it.

Designer Stay: AFT does not sponsor out Station Designers stay. AFT can only provide discount to out station Designers only in Hotels which are Hospitality partners in the event (Discount solely depends on the Hotel).

Transportation: Air/ Train/ other expenses for travel to be borne by the out station designer themselves.

Local Travel: Pickup from the airport to hotel and from hotel to the main event will be taken care of Designers by themselves.

Food & Beverages: Tea/Coffee will be served to the designers in the event (No cost added).

Professional Video & Pictures: Prepared and edited full version video of your show will be delivered post event.

Pre Event/After Party: Passes for guest. It helps designers to meet and network with industry veterans and fellow national / international designers to build a common community.

Media Coverage: All participants will get media coverage. Special features of the winners will be featured in Allure.


Participation Fee: INR.30000

Registration fee: Designer will have to Pay 25% of total amount at the time of registration to confirm his/her participation in AFT 2017. This payment will confirm participation.

Outstanding Payment: Designers has to pay rest 75% in 20 days.

On falling Payment: If any designer want to back off or fail to fulfill the payment by the mentioned time slot his/her registration fee will get dissolved (No refund of Registration fee).

* This Memorandum has been written and agreed with the hope that it may form the basis for a wider and long term relationship between Allure Media Serve Pvt Ltd and(TYPE YOUR NAME). However, in the event of any dispute matter shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator agreed by both the parties.


This Memorandum shall be effective from the date of signing of the MOU and ends after five months from the date of effect.

This Memorandum is non-binding and is intended to provide the general principles for cooperation. This Memorandum does not establish a joint venture or partnership between the parties and neither party shall contract or speak on behalf of the other without prior consent. Each party intends to work in good faith and will endeavour to avoid damaging the reputation of the other party.

Payment Account Details

The bank details are as follows:(Without GST, Saving Bank Account)
Dev Jindal
Axis Bank (Lake Gardens Branch. Kolkata)
Account Number: 916010062430466
IFSC: UTIB0003150

Account Number: 9339520639

The bank details are as follows:(GST)
Alluremedia Serve Pvt Ltd
HDFC Bank (Golpark Branch. Kolkata)
Account Number: 50200023151138
IFSC: HDFC0000022